Chinese scientists discover new material that may allow us to charge our smartphoness with our clothes

time:2017-08-22 author: Clicks:8337

Can you imagine the day when you can charge your smartphones simply by stretching in your clothes? A research team from China's Southeast University has found a new organic-based piezoelectric material that could help this become reality, reported.

Piezoelectricity refers to electric polarization in a substance, especially certain crystals, caused by mechanical stress. According to Professor Xiong Rengen, who heads the research team, piezoelectric materials have already been applied to various fields, such as spaceflights, submarines, missiles, and medical ultrasounds.

Traditional inorganic piezoelectric materials, such as ceramic, are too stiff to be attached to thin films or electronic components. In addition, thin films and most electronic components get damaged in the extremely high temperatures.

The new organic-based perovskite structured piezoelectric material is far more pliable yet has a piezoelectric response similar to traditional materials. It is also cheaper, lighter, and more environmentally-friendly.

"The molecular piezoelectric materials will further shrink the size of computer chips, making it possible to manufacture flexible heart rate meters and ultrasound machines," Xiong noted, expressing his confidence in the future application of the material.

The research on this new material was published in the Science on July 21, making China a leader in the field of molecular material research.

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